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Meet My Team

Dr. Felicity Mack

The Quarterback
Balance Family Medicine

Dr. Monica Verduzco-Guttierez

Post Covid Care Specialist
Physiatrist specializing in neuromuscular rehab


Dr. Ankur Khosla

Pain Mngmt Specialist The "implant guy" in my story

Dr. Cindy Ivanhoe

Physiatrist specializing in neurorehab
Familiar with dysautonomia


Dr. Amer


POTS Cardiologist
The Heartbeat Clinic

Dr. Brooks Cash

familiar with Dysautonomia


 Dr.David Engler

Allergist/ Immunologist
Familiar with MCAS and the work of Dr Afrin

Dr. Kia Eldred

The Lighthouse and/or the VA

Dr. Dipaben Modi

Baylor's Post Covid Clinic

ST- pulmonary function and vocal cord dysfunction

TIRR Outpatient Rehab

PT (Dysautonomia, vestibular, gait) OT (vision, fine motor skills) ST (neurocognitive) Strength Unlimited, Nutrition

For many seeking information from this site this may be your first time needing to advocate for your healthcare. It can be frustrating, intimidating and awkward. This is what I've learned so far.... Get yourself a great PCP. That's your quarterback, team captain, coach and cheerleader. That provider needs to be someone who not only listens but cares. Youre not being lectured during visits, you're having a converstion. You want to feel comfortable presenting and exchanging ideas, knowing that you are always in choice because it is your body, yet trust their judgement. Then look for a doctor and/or researcher that's familiar with the rare illness, disease, disorder, etc that you can always check in with. Someone who is knowledgable about past research an keeps up with current studies and treatments. Ideally this person will most likely fight for patients' rights, help with the disability process, do peer-to-peers with insurance companies and have a great network for assistance. It's all about building a team! Building a team of specialists depending on previous medical history, symptoms, secondary diagnoses, what therapeutic needs and function are and will be. 

Factors like belief system, affordability, healthcare coverage, personal finances, access (location, transportation, technology), etc. need to be considered. Want to try and/or combine aspects of holistic, Ayurvedic, TCM, functional treatment styles? Yes you can and a good quarterback will help you. 


Always know YOU are in choice and control this situation. It's ok to release a member from the team if it doesnt feel right for you. That choice is yours and need not be influenced. Instinct, education and discernment are your greatest allies in this process.

                                                                                                                              ~ Liza

Dr. Tiffany Kristensen

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Dr. Rose Kavari

Urogynecology, Urology,
Minimally Invasive Urology

Those Along The Journey

PAM Rehab Hospital

Vital Heart & Vein- EECP Flow Therapy

Dr. Alan Glombicki- Gastroenterologist

Dr. Khusroo M. Qureshi- Hematologist

Disclaimer: The following information is taken from what I have learned from personal experience and not medical advice. Please consult with your medical professionals. Much is pictures of materials copied from what was provided to me through programs I attended and not my original content. My intention is to share knowledge I have gained throughout my medical journey in hopes that it will help others. Namaste Liza. 

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