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Advocacy & Support Groups

A list of Covid advocacy and support groups that are great resources for: provider information, post covid care centers, research studies, clinical trials and just someone to talk to who understands!

The Long COVID Alliance is a network of patient-advocates, scientists, disease experts, and drug developers who have joined together to leverage their collective knowledge and resources to educate policy makers and accelerate research to transform our understanding of post-viral illness.


The COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project is a 501-(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to advancing the understanding of Long COVID and
expediting solutions and assistance to Longhaulers and their families through
advocacy, education, research, and support. 


Pandemic Patients a 501(c)(3) non-profit patient advocacy organization with one mission: To relieve the harm caused by COVID-19 and Post-COVID Conditions. We are working to ensure that those affected by COVID-19 receive the support and services they need to live their best lives. 


We founded Body Politic as a queer feminist wellness collective in March 2018. Based on personal experience and community feedback, we created space for inclusivity, accessibility, and crucial discussions about the very real connection between wellness, politics, and personal identity.

In March 2020, our COVID-19 Support Group launched when Founder Fiona Lowenstein and Board Member Sabrina Bleich became sick with coronavirus. Since its launch, the Support Group has garnered international recognition and has connected thousands of Covid-19 patients around the world.


We are Long Covid Families, led by patients, volunteers & advocates – we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization in the United States. offer guidance to the Long Covid community on how to improve and maintain quality of life while seeking therapies, treatments, accommodations, and support in the healthcare system, schools, workplace, and in the community.​


Survivor Corps is one of the largest grassroots COVID-19 and long COVID movements, providing education and resources for COVID-19 patients,
connecting them with medical and scientific research efforts,
and helping with the national response.


Covid Survivors for Change is a non-partisan nationwide community of people who have been directly impacted by Covid. We share our stories, support each other, and advocate for a stronger pandemic response to save the lives of others.


The COVID-19 Health and Safety Taskforce (CHeST) is a coalition of non-profit patient advocacy organizations. 

The mission of CHeST is to advocate for policies that protect Americans against COVID-19, long COVID, and associated conditions.

CHeST supports policies that:

  • Raise awareness about COVID-19, long COVID, and associated conditions;

  • Empower COVID-19 survivors to thrive in their communities; and

  • Increase the availability and accessibility of resources for preventing, diagnosing, testing, and treating COVID-19, long COVID, and associated conditions.


Support groups are a great tool as we all need connection to those going through similar experiences. Sometimes we need a bit more and that's OK! Mental health services are available through your provider, healthcare coverage or organizations like NAMI.

Always know the suicide prevention hotline is available 24/7

( 1-800-273-8255 ).  



Disclaimer: The following information is taken from what I have learned from personal experience and not medical advice. Please consult with your medical professionals. Much is pictures of materials copied from what was provided to me through programs I attended and not my original content. My intention is to share knowledge I have gained throughout my medical journey in hopes that it will help others. Namaste Liza. 

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