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Discovering LOTS of medical information along the way leading to learning how to walk, 2 spinal neuromodulation device implant surgeries, dismotility...bezoar, the 'trifecta' (POTS, MCAS & hypermobility syndrome) and more procedures, diagnoses, treatments and therapies. ALL sequele of Covid-19. In finding a welcoming community online I became active in support groups. My eyes were opened to a world of under acknowledged and researched chronic and invisible illnesses that have been affecting millions. Thinking maybe if there had been more attention earlier, many would not be where they are lit a fire inside me.

So I advocate. 

I advocate for Long Covid, Chronic Illness warriors, Disabled, Women, BIPOC, and other marginalized communities. I humbly admit I did not realize how unaware of a ableist society we have. My intention: awareness leads to research leading to effective change, be it policy, programs or perspective.

Here you can find some story sharing in hopes of leading to progress.

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